Our method

The Éléphant Vert method is a method for learning French from the age of 3.

A whole new universe

It has 3 levels of difficulty: M1 les petits bleux, M2 les petits jaunes and M3 les petits rouges. It is designed to teach by means of complete immersion. It will allow you to immerse children in a whole new world of French language discovery.

Have you ever seen a green elephant?

  • No, people will tell you!
  • Yes, you'll hear children working with our method cry out enthusiastically!

Boosting creativity

The method, designed by Geneviève Delporte, is first and foremost creative. So we invented a magical world for children where suns are green and frogs eat the moon. Humorous, they will have fun creating comical phrases. A pear with two legs and a cat painting a frog will make children smile.

Humour tickles the brain

Éléphant Vert also borrows surrealist inspiration from artists such as Magritte or Dali and introduces it with humour into the whole method. Laughter helps to reinforce the memorisation process because we retain things we find funny much more effectively. So this way the mouse will have two heads and the lion will cut a cloud.

Learning material that is stimulating and humorous is always much better remembered.

M. Niset

Éléphant Vert uses animistic thinking to give physical and psychic life to all animals and objects. The lemon is happy and the house is laughing out loud.

A personalised approach

What makes  the Éléphant Vert method even more unique is that it is personalised by featuring the children on their photo cards. This is how a five-year-old Jules fishes for shoes while a four-year-old Olivia draws blue strawberries.

With the Éléphant Vert method, children will be able to invent an unlimited number of sentences independently.

High quality learning materials

To support this learning approach, a large number of teaching resources have been created to make it fun and attractive: 360 word cards, 180 sentence cards, games, workbooks, drawing cards and customisable cards.

Online training

Our online training, accessible anytime and anywhere, provides teachers with the opportunity to enhance their skills, inspire their students, and create a memorable learning experience. Our mission is to help you excel in your role as an educator by making each lesson an unforgettable experience.

Éléphant Vert is about learning French by listening, speaking, creating, playing, having fun and doing so, getting children ready to discover the world with a wide view.